Equal Rights are not a zero sum game: Response to Swapan Dasgupta

by Ritwik on July 8, 2009

Appliepiecrust has written a strong rejoinder to Swapan Dasgupta’s diatribe against gay rights.

You can read it here


Mr. Dasgupta is concerned about “in-your-face-gayness” and militant gay activism, and believes all gay activism to be defined by this “perverseness.” This concern can be addressed with two brief points. The first is that some amount of what he terms “in-your-face-gayness” isrequired for increasing the visibility of an otherwise invisible minority. The second is simply that not much gay activism is militant or “in-your-face” at all – a lot of this activism is happening in the courtrooms, on editorial pages such as these, and in day-to-day lives of people living their lives honestly and openly.

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