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by Ritwik on July 21, 2009

Some interesting recent comments on this blog:

Naval Das comments on Why statues won’t help Mayawati:

Ritwik and Shivam, you don’t truly understand this matter: you shouldnt be talking about this.

Mayawatiji is truly the heroine of the hindus of this country.

Like dayanand, the struggle of ambedkar and mayawati is an internal struggle of hinduism.

Mayawati has never said that she will convert to another faith. she now accpets hindu iconography openly (haathi nahi ganesh hai, brahma vishnu mahesh hai)

The act of erecting statues is a truly pagan, hindu act.
Its christians who find it odd that someone is erecting their own statues. The kings of vijaynagar did this often. so did other hindu kings. and the romans and other pagan people. Ritwik, when people like you feel odd that statues of a living person are being put up, I shake my head at the christianisation of this country!

the dalit struggle is an internal reform movement of hinduism, and that is the reason why mayawati has never had a problem in joining hands with the BJP.

inspite of political tensions, mayawati chose to stand with narendrabhai in his hour of distress, when she campaigned for bjp after the 2002 “riots”. This when so-called allies like the unpatriotic paswan had withdrawn support to the nda.

wishy washy liberals like Ritwik and pseudo-friends of dalits like shivam can debate all they want, but unless they realize the true nature of the dalit movement, they will always miss the truth.

Long live the dalit cause.

jai bheem!
jai bharat!

(Naval Das on July 19, 2009)

In reply, Neelakshi had the following to say:

I really don’t see how the question of ‘Christianisation’ (or whatever that is) is relevant here. It may be a very ‘Hindu’ act and Ritwik is probably very very wrong in writing against it. Only thing is, Mayawati’s statues and lavish birthday are not helping the Dalits in any way. erecting massive statues to instill ‘pride’ in the Dalits is also not working. As Ritwik pointed out, the Lok Sabha elections have shown that Mayawati does not hold resonance with the Dalits any longer. And has lost pretty badly in the elections.
There is nothing wrong with statues per se but if that money was only used for the upliftment of the Dalits, it would be better. Mayawati champions the Dalit cause, but I would really like to know; how will erecting statue after statue help the Dalits in any way whatsoever? (Neelakshi on July 20, 2009)

Dilip Simeon writes on Great Danes:

The Danes were not colonised, but despite their helplessness before the Third Reich they dealt with the Nazis with much greater dignity than did Vichy France. There are different ways of dealing with the same predicament. Your blank verse implies that the gross inequalities, injustice, corruption & lack of accountability after 62 years of independence are attributable to the fact of being colonised. I find that unacceptable. We are responsible for how we manage our resources and conduct ourselves in the public realm. No light is shed on the matter by continuing to blame the British for everything. (posted by Dilip Simeon on July 19, 2009)

I reply with:

Then why is that almost all former colonies in Asia and Africa find themselves in a pretty bad shape as far as human development indicators are concerned?

Nobody is blaming the British for “everything”, but equally they cannot be absolved entirely of the blame for India’s crushing poverty merely because “62 years have passed”. If the British can’t be blamed for everything, neither can the post independence leadership be solely held responsible for all our ills.

This blank verse was only meant to highlight the fact that for many, colonialism either never took place or with time, it has become a minor blip on the radar; the gross exploitation inherent to it is being forgotten. (posted by Ritwik Agrawal on July 20, 2009)


If your blog had a ‘like’ button ala facebook, that’s what i would click on for this one!

by Neelakshi on July 21, 2009 at 10:37 pm. #

There is. There is this row of buttons at the bottom which you can click to refer posts on this blog to sites like Digg and Reddit. Then more people will know about this blog!

by Ritwik Agrawal on July 21, 2009 at 10:41 pm. #

I know that. I keep posting on facebook. But its not a ‘thumbs up’ “like” button!

by Neelakshi on July 21, 2009 at 10:54 pm. #

Hmm. I’ll think about adding one.

by Ritwik Agrawal on July 21, 2009 at 10:58 pm. #

I think comments are a much better way of showing your like or dislike. forces one to think about their reaction to the posts, instead of a simple button that even a sheep could press.


p.s. also, mental thickness is closely connected to mind-numbing actions like ‘like-button pressing’.. besides, facebook’s ideas of ‘like-buttons’ and ‘poke-buttons’ appeal to the ‘lowest common denominations of brains’, as you call it.

by Rhea on July 30, 2009 at 12:44 am. #

Someone whose comment is a part of the post doesn’t need to ‘think’ of a reaction to their own comment. And considering that ‘great intellectuals’ (blah!) do not like mind-numbing actions, shouldn’t they have a ‘principle opposition'(double blah!) to such buttons and refrain from using them?

by Neelakshi on July 30, 2009 at 8:13 pm. #

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