How the Parliamentary Committee has “managed” Lokpal

by Ritwik on December 9, 2011

From this NDTV report on the recommendations made by the parliamentary committee on the Lokpal:

On the role of CBI and CVC vis-a-vis Lokpal, the report recommends a five-stage mechanism. In the first stage, a complaint must be received by the Lokpal who would hold a preliminary inquiry in stage 2. If a case is made out, it would be referred to CBI in stage 3 which will investigate independently of the Lokpal or ministries. In stage 4, the case would go to the Directorate of Prosecution which will be under the superintendence of Lokpal. In the 5th and last stage, the case would go to a special judge or a Lokpal Judge.

There goes any chance of the Lokpal actually doing any good whatsoever. In true Indian way, it has been “managed” …

Maybe not such a bad thing, as the idea of the Lokpal, particularly the so-called “Jan Lokpal” variety, seems to be a cure worse than the disease.

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