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Muzzled by

by Ritwik on October 5, 2010

I posted the above comment at this afternoon. It appears to have been rejected/deleted without assigning any reason. Comments made after mine have made their way on the website, which would indicate that my comment has been rejected/deleted/held till “higher authorities” take a call.As for the high and mighty writing on Kafila, I would advise that they amend their comment policy to add sarcasm to the list of undesirable traits.

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Yet Another Non-implementable Law

by Ritwik on July 17, 2010

It is obvious that the proposed bill to prevent child abuse in India is yet another act of over-zealousness which seeks to achieve social objectives by force of law, rather than investing in necessary social and cultural reform. It will be non-implementable, because of its sheer impracticality. That does not bother me as much as the fact that unlike the equally stupid anti-smoking law, the proposed bill has inherently greater scope for misuse and harassment.

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Vodafone, Iphone and Swine Flu

by Ritwik on August 12, 2009

lack of information from apple + rudeness from vodafone + risk of swine flu = no iphone nirvana.

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Axixa: a technology we need to import ASAP

by Ritwik on July 28, 2009

With the axixa urinal concept, Mexican designer Miguel Melgarejo has hit upon what seems be a jackpot idea which would revolutionize urban living, or at the very least, clean up some walls.

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Theatre of the absurd: outcomes of the Lyngdoh Committee Report

by Ritwik on July 22, 2009

The following is a riveting drama possible only in the contradiction that is India.
*a nod to history: all characters & situations in the following work are purely imaginary. Any resemblence to persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.
The players:
The Long Arm of The Law: it is omniscient. It extends everywhere, in every domain, in every direction.
JM Lyngdoh and minions – tasked by The Long Arm of The Law to rewrite the rules of student union elections.

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A world of sheep

by Ritwik on July 16, 2009

courtesy: xkcd, a webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math and language.

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Common sense just died

by Ritwik on July 13, 2009

Rock band Deep Purple has been fined for playing “unlicensed” music during a performance in Russia. According to rules, all performers have to obtain a license from Russian Authors Society, an NGO that represents  the rights of foreign performers in (…)

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Great Danes

by Ritwik on July 8, 2009

A poem critical of colonialism and of those who overlook the role it has in the present poverty of so-called third world countries like India. Comparative analysis of Denmark and India.

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Installing software makes computer obese

by Ritwik on July 4, 2009

A user on Microsoft Answers discusses a matter of crucial importance: I’ve noticed that as I copy data/install programs on my Laptop, the weight of the Laptop increases. I have a bad back and am medically limited on the amount of weight (…)

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