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A Kafila of Brown Sahibs and Memsahibs?

by Ritwik on October 13, 2010

By muzzling the Nirmohis on a matter inextricably linked to them, not only does Kafila show intellectual arrogance, but a rather unfortunate sense of cultural and linguistic superiority which is a relic of the colonial episteme. Kafila should know that if they open their eyes to this, they can discard what we can call, the Educated Brown Man’s Burden, and this will enrich both their understanding and analysis.

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Recent comments on this blog

by Ritwik on July 21, 2009

Some interesting recent comments on this blog: Naval Das comments on Why statues won’t help Mayawati: Ritwik and Shivam, you don’t truly understand this matter: you shouldnt be talking about this. Mayawatiji is truly the heroine of the hindus of (…)

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Great Danes

by Ritwik on July 8, 2009

A poem critical of colonialism and of those who overlook the role it has in the present poverty of so-called third world countries like India. Comparative analysis of Denmark and India.

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