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Barbaric Attack on Kerala Professor: A Few Questions

by Ritwik on July 9, 2010

I don’t understand why the police needed to assure church leaders that the perpetrators of this attack will be brought to justice? Surely these “chruch leaders” should have been incensed regardless of the religious affiliation of the victim? this episode would not have even become a news story had the attackers not committed the tactical error of chopping off Joseph’s hand. As it is, they had him on the run.

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Heroic Venezuelan President seeks to muzzle the press

by Ritwik on August 5, 2009

Criticism of attempts made by Hugo Chavez to control and tame the press in Venezuela through the new special law against media offences. I call upon all left/liberal/communist/socialist intellectuals to condemn this in the severest possible terms.

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Left Front Government drags feet over OBC reservation

by Ritwik on July 3, 2009

Everyone knows that the left parties in India [ie, CPI, CPI-M, RSP and Forward Block] are passionate supporters of caste based reservations. We see this here and here and here Why then, is the CPM-led Left Front Government in Bengal (…)

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