Steve Jobs resigns as Apple CEO

by Ritwik on August 25, 2011

Apple’s iconic founder Steve Jobs today resigned as CEO of the company. In his second reign at Apple [1997-2011], he made the then struggling company the world’s most iconic brand and richest corporation. In a stellar business career spanning almost 4 decades Jobs has redefined computing, portable music players, digital music distribution, animated films, tablet computing and smart phones – each time bringing products and services that revolutionized the industry and created new growth areas. He has had significant impact on advertising and retail as well.

However, as John Gruber puts it “Jobs’s greatest creation isn’t any Apple product. It is Apple itself.”

He will continue as Apple’s Chairman, passing on day to day duties to his chosen successor Tim Cook.

A college dropout, Jobs entire career has consisted of taking farsighted decisions that were initially criticized by tech and business  “pundits”. As one of the titans of silicon valley, Jobs both learnt from and helped create its iconic business culture that constantly fosters innovation. I am attaching a few links which make for good reading on him:

Resignation letter –

Jobs Departure is the end of an extraordinary era –

Here’s what Apple loses –

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