Axixa: a technology we need to import ASAP

by Ritwik on July 28, 2009

It is common knowledge that our country lacks public toilets. This fact, combined with our utter lack of civic sense, has resulted in a situation where it is common to see people [mostly males] relieving themselves in public with impunity. It is not unusual to see wall upon wall enhanced by the penile artistry of generations of men.

But, fear not, for Mexican designer Miguel Melgarejo has hit upon what seems be a jackpot idea which would revolutionize urban living, or at the very least, clean up some walls:

Miguel Melgarejo has come up with a public urinal concept dubbed “Axixa” (urine in Nahuatl) that will help in maintaining a measure cleanliness on the streets. Featuring the shape that a leak leaves on a wall, the public ceramic urinal generates a permanent mark in public streets or places where people can urinate and participate in a manifestation in which the disposal itself becomes part of the public life.

Or, since a picture speaks a thousand words:



full story on The Design Blog

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