Move over Limewire, Booster is here

by Ritwik on September 1, 2009

update: boostermp3 is down.

For the longest time, I’ve been using limewire to download songs in Mp3 format [obviously, I own the original CDs :p]. But in recent months I have been getting increasingly disenchanted with file sharing software, as I was simply unable to find what I wanted, especially when it comes old hindi songs.

Then a friend introduced me to¬†Cool Toad, which is a pretty good resource for bollywood songs – old and new, but it doesn’t have much of a rock collection.

Today I found salvation in the form of Booster, a fantastic site where you can stream and download [free of charge] mp3 versions of millions of songs cutting across genres. And there are no irritating banner ads to distract from the experience.

This is how the internet should work – breaking down barriers to information and art.

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