Not only cynical, but the cause of cynicism in others

by Ritwik on October 26, 2009

The naysayers have won.

As they always do, albeit in the short scheme of things.

Why won’t they? When the other side [“the good side”] lacks dedication, focus and passion? The cynical herd of sheeple are assured victory when the Good Side treats ¬†enterprise as that damned entity, E-C-A.

and there is but one dividing line, just one, and that is between those who go so far and no further, and then there are those who DO go further, who take that final step. the risk takers versus the rest. the passionate versus the herd.

And where do i find myself? in the former class, struggling to emerge as a sentient being. shackled this way, in a prison worse than black water, or indeed any other colour.

You may tell me that it is only the short scheme of things, but till the time we live, it’s only the ephemeral passing moment that matters, and after we are gone, who gives a fuck?

yea, and now will live the pretense, the veneer of interestedness in idly sitting on the posterior enjoying the trappings of comfort. but I will go back and fight, another day, smarter and stronger than before. always.

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