For Anna: Mumbai’s dabbawalas to take a break tomorrow, first time in 120 yrs

by Ritwik on August 19, 2011

read the story in the Express

this has much symbolic significance, just like the first-time-ever metro protests i saw yesterday, or all-girls march in north campus again which i witnessed yesterday. the issue is not really whether all these people truly understand the intricacies of the lokpal agitation. the issue is that they are spontaneously organizing against the excesses of the political class. and that is a damn good thing. And mind you, I am AGAINST the idea of lokpal, as corruption in my view is inevitable with the kind of crony capitalism we’ve created post 1991. However we shall ignore the importance of this trend only at our peril.


More on ‘crony capitalism’ please.

by Neelakshi on August 19, 2011 at 8:10 am. #

At this time, where are those wide mouth barking politicians (dogs) like – Yadavs, Singhs, Thakares, Power, Paswan, Gowdas, Babus, Ammas, Devis, saint Mamatas ect…ect…? Are they busy preparing to leave the country…?

by Anand Kumar on August 21, 2011 at 8:59 pm. #

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