Delhi gangrape case – protest at India gate!

by Ritwik on December 19, 2012

Please join protest against lack of safety, particularly for women, in Delhi. India Gate, 5pm, 19 December 2012.


On demands of castration and death sentences:

Its a reflection of the helplessness felt by even our “upper classes” (on fb) due to our remote and inaccessible judicial and political system that they are reduced to demanding castrations, capital punishment etc. Situation is not helped by utterly irresponsible statements of buffoons like Arnab Goswami and the entire bjp leadership. Rape, sadly, becomes the window through which we can glimpse the latent authoritarian tendencies of the great Indian middle class.

In spite of our (very justifiable) anger, let us keep mob mentality in check!


Rape is one (extreme) manifestation of a sick society that fundamentally doesn’t treat women as equal. Please ponder over selective (women-only) curfews at St Stephen’s, Miranda House and LSR, for example. What’s the logic in locking up the victim?

Please also ask yourself – how often it is that “respectable” members of our society, including parents, judge girls and women by their clothing, habits (smoking, drinking, partying) and lifestyle?

Rape is not isolated from all these things.


The “solution” is not in having even tougher laws. The solution lies in better implementation of law and most crucially, in every citizen feeling empowered to approach the courts.

The courts are remote even for our upper class elite, not to speak of the poor, marginalized and migrants.

Lack of an accessible judicial system underlies all our problems from rape to naxalism.


Excellent Analysis,even with the Police’s statement ie “the gang decided to “punish” the victim” ….you can see the mentality of our society and understand why it’s women are suffering so much

by Raymond Silveira on December 20, 2012 at 12:58 pm. #

Rather than getting drowned in the pool of emotions and convincingly arguing in favor of death penalty or something as barbaric as stoning to death, it is crucial for all of us to introspect what made those convicts so confident about the crime they were committing??
The real answer lies there.Let it be the way women are looked at or the kind of treatment that society sanctions against them.

by Vaishali on December 24, 2012 at 1:34 am. #

@Raymond Silveira – Thank you

@Vaishali – exactly

by Ritwik Agrawal on December 24, 2012 at 2:47 am. #

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